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Artificial Intelligence to do the deed

Working as a content moderator means to do a very demanding and difficult job. People who moderate posts manually are more stressed as each day they are exposed to crime, savagery or other types of illegal and punishable activities.

A good solution and a safeguard in such a situation is to engage a tool that is based on Artificial Intelligence. The software is efficient, fast and can verify a tremendous amount of posts in a short time. More importantly, it does not have a psychical condition that can be lowered or affected by watching obscene content for long hours every day.

Artificial Intelligence and content moderation


Moderation tools based on AI are one of the solutions to the problems of content moderators. Such applications are said to have the same level of accuracy as their human counterparts. What is more, they work very fast and effectively - some of them can assess an image in less than a second. Their standard set of keywords to trace include various topics with porn, nudity and gore among them. However, these tools are also customizable, that means that each publisher can create his or her own set of guidelines to follow. But we think that the most important feature here is that many of them do not require any human moderator intervention. On the other hand, it can be used to prevent human content moderators from being exposed to all kinds of unwanted and unacceptable posts.


Hate speech in the Internet: how to resolve a problem?


Hate speech, extremism, fake news or any other type of content that is published every day by social networking websites` users is a huge issue. In order to maintain high quality of communication and people`s engagement, publishers decided to hire more staff and focus on the verification of thousands of posts. However, due to the fact that the majority of work is done manually by humans, the job is considered mentally exhausting and very difficult. Not only because of hours spent screening platforms, but due to numerous acts of brutality, paedophilia and nudity they have to watch.

Therefore, a good solution in this situation can be to introduce an automated tool that would moderate content available on a particular website. This move would help to verify the majority of posts or videos in accordance with pre-determined guidelines and rules to sieve the unwanted ones. In case of unclear posts, they can be verified by a human content moderator to decide whether or not they can be left on a website or flagged as unwanted and removed.