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User-generated content and moderation scalability

Before we go to the topic of moderation itself, it is good to remind why user-generated content is so valuable at the moment. According to specialists, such content is estimated to be 50% more reliable and 35% easier to be remembered in comparison to other types of content we can usually find in the world of media. What is more important, many companies rely on the opinion of their consumers and publish their reviews and feedbacks as parts of their social media or viral campaigns. It is said that right now 20 largest companies in the world use UGC as it allows them to build communities of loyal customers, create platforms that generate enormously high traffic and even start some crowdsourcing activities. In addition, UGC can be of help when authors need to understand their audience better. 

Moderation of UGC

In the times when mobile devices are widely spread, it is very easy and convenient to make some user-generated content. On the other hand, it has become very risky to publish the content that may be considered obscene or incorrect. In the Internet, only the content that seems to be acceptable for users can be published in order to gain more attention – it is all about a brand, its reputation and protects its bottom line. 

Content moderation helps to increase traffic at a website because it gets more attractive not only to its users but also for the search engines. Simply put: deploying a strategy built around moderation scalability proves to be helpful in the terms of user engagement and improves its search engine rankings. 

It is important when the content is going to be used in some advertising or marketing campaigns, especially when the amounts of feedbacks are tremendous. A scalable content moderation strategy, which is based on automated processes, helps to find the content that seems to be incorrect, unacceptable or simply inappropriate for both the community members or moderators. 

Why do we recommend automated moderation services?


The answer is simple: with big amounts of content human moderators are not enough to sieve infringing images or the photos that violate copyright. API based moderation tool is able to check a number of them in just a fraction of time – the numbers grow to millions of pictures a month. 

Improper content may be purposeful but usually it is the result of ignorance and the lack of proper knowledge. Therefore, the implementation of user-generated content moderation tools is a must in the case of evaluation, moderation and management of the images.