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$100 for new users to spend on our services for free. (55555 free images)

Try free

$1.8 for 1000 images (0.18 cent for an image)

If you need more than 2 million operations per month, ask for a discount. We can also discuss a preferential location to reduce the delay to your servers.

All plans include free helpdesk, encrypted connection to the API, support for popular image formats
(jpeg, png, and uncompressed gif), access to documentation, detailed usage statistics, no bandwidth restrictions, and access to a state-of-the-art AI model.

For each incorrectly moderated image,
we will refund you 10 times the amount you paid for its moderation


How long do I have to use the free $100?


New users get $100 to spend on our service. The amount is not limited in time. It means you can use our image moderation service for as long as you need until you reach the total value of $100.


When do I have to pay for the service after I use up the $100 amount?


The free service is not automatically upgraded to a paid service. To get a paid service, you need to select a subscription plan first.
You pay only for actually processed images. There is no flat rate fee. The service is invoiced every two weeks. Invoices are due in 7 days.


How can I pay?


At the moment, we offer the following payment methods: credit card (through PayPal, nor registration necessary), wire transfer, PayPal account, and Bitcoin. We consider introducing other payment methods as well. If you are interested in a specific method, let us know.