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Privacy Policy
  1. By registering on, the User consents to have their personal data processed by the Service Provider. processes personal data in accordance with the Act on the protection of personal data, the Act on theprovision of electronic services, and the Terms and Conditions.
  2.  User personal data is processed solely for the purpose of the provision of the Services offered by the Service Provider and for the purpose of sending to the User marketing and promotional materials and commercial offer of the Website by electronic means. The User may any time opt out of receiving messages by e-mail by selecting the relevant option in the Customer Panel.
  3. The Service Provider does not share images or other materials provided by the User with third parties. All materials provided by the User to the Service Provider are protected.
  4. Only authorised employees have access to materials provided to the Service Provider by the User.
  5. Should the company be taken over or terminated, all data and materials provided by the User to the Service Provider continue to be protected, which means they are not sold to or shared with third parties.
  6. Having registered with the Website, the User may modify their data and remove the Account in accordance with Article 4 of the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Upon the removal of the Account by the User, the Service Provider undertakes to immediately refrain from processing personal data provided by the User with the exception of processing of data necessary for the performance of contracts and obligations.
  8. Personal data provided by the User and processed by the Service Provider may be shared with authorised official authorities on demand in accordance with applicable regulations and with representatives of the Service Provider if the Service Provider pursues claims against the User in relation to the provision of the Services.
  9. The Website may process the following personal data of the User: first name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, company data, and IP address. The User undertakes to provide complete and accurate data during the Registration with the Website. The User accepts the liability for the provision of false data during the Registration.
  10. If the Service Provider finds out that an Account is used by a User who provided false data during the Registration, the Service Provider may block or remove the Account of this User.
  11. The User provides their personal data voluntarily and acknowledges that part of the data is necessary for the provision of the Services by the Website.
  12. The user is obliged to keep the password safe from third parties. The user may not make the Account available to third parties.
  13. The Service Provider undertakes to employ available measures to protect personal data provided by the User and in particular to:
    - prevent third parties from accessing the personal data
    - prevent personal data processing at variance with applicable regulations
    - prevent personal data loss
    - prevent damage to or destruction of personal data
  14. If the Account is used correctly, i.e. the e-mail address and password set by the User during the Registration are
    entered correctly, the Account is considered to be used by the User in accordance with the law. Otherwise, if the User
    proves that their Account was used illegally by a third party, they may request the Service Provider to block the
    account immediately or remove it.
  15. The User acknowledges that the correct usage of all Website Services requires the use of cookies. The User may
    disable cookies anytime. It results in the possibility of User's browser losing some data such as automatic Website
    sign-in data and loss of access to some Services offered by the Website